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Behandlung von Trinkwasser im Wasserwerk

Treatment of drinking water

Typical applications for Lutz-Jesco products for provision of drinking water at stationary locations (in water works) and at mobile locations (e.g. on board ships) include: the feeding of chlorine gas or chlorine bleach as a disinfectant the making up and the feeding of polyelectrolyte as a flocculant and... more

Treatment of bathing water

A further typical field of application for Lutz-Jesco products – as well as their use for treatment of drinking water – is the dosing and measurement required for maintaining water hygiene parameters in public and private swimming baths.The cleanliness of water in swimming baths - the avoidance... more

Disinfection of hot water circuits

For medical and other public installations, in the foodstuffs industry and also for animal husbandry, a high level of drinking water quality is an inescapable requirement for regular operation.The continual heating up of drinking water in the circulation pipework and its multiple branches... more


Lime-carbonic acid equilibrium

Certain components in drinking water react with each other and create new chemical compounds. Such reactions depend on the ratio of the components in the water. The chemical equilibrium between two such components,carbon dioxide and calcium carbonate, is referred to as... more

pH value regulation

The pH value in drinking water and in water in swimming baths is of fundamental importance both regarding the compatibility of the water for people and the environment, and also for the chemical processes occurring within the water. A consistently stable pH value is thus one of... more

UV light barriers for germs

UV systems for killing off germs are a reliable partner for keeping water pipework free of germs directly at the point of supply of drinking water. In addition, they eliminate the need to feed chemical disinfectants into the water, thus making them an ideal partner for recycled water that... more