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Treatment of waste water in waste water works

As well as sieving, filtering and breaking down of waste water, the controlled progress of chemical processes is part of the further steps in purification of industrial and public waste water. In this way Lutz-Jesco products..more


Separation of the waste water mixture

The waste water is collected by the tank trucks from the oil separators of industrial companies, gas stations and washing plants. These oil-water emulsions are separated into their individual parts by means of a patented method. For an effective separation of a... more


Feeding within the foodstuffs industry

Before a beer can be enjoyed by its customer, it must run through a series of precisely controlled natural microbiological and physical processes during production, settling and purification. Examples are fermentation and ripening processes causing suspended substances and... more

Dosing of detergents

In order to be as gentle to the environment as possible, the chemical additives must be metered exactly during each wash program. Lutz-Jesco pumps are used in car wash installations to accomplish this task... more

Conditioning of boiler feedwater

Steam boilers operate round the clock at high pressures and temperatures. Therefore the water that is fed to the boiler must remain at the optimum chemical equilibrium so that the boiler and its equipment are not... more

Circulating salt water

To create a marine biotope and the necessary living conditions, water quality and reef construction must correspond to each other. Before the drinking water can be used as sea water it must be treated in water softener, osmosis and... more

Corrosion inhibition

With any filling and refilling of a warm water heating system, oxygen enters the system, too. Even if the system is vented, air bubbles and air pockets remain in a complex pipe system. Corrosion may be the result, which leads... more

Dosing in heating systems

In heating systems that are equipment with heavy fuel oil boilers, active environmental protection is pursued to reduce the emission values. Real-time emission readings determine the exact amount of additives that fed to... more


Admixture of additives

For manufacture of various types of paper towels, a wide variety of additives are added to the raw cellulose materials used in a paper factory. For this purpose, Lutz-Jesco dosing systems deliver controlled quantities of... more

Treatment of chemical waste water

In a specially developed process the contents of waste water are chemically oxidised by adding oxidants, catalysts, and concentrated sulphuric acid (96%). They are thus converted into a degradable form for the subsequent... more