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Lutz-Jesco GmbH

Headquarters: Germany

Product range:

Solenoid-driven dosing pumps | Motor-driven dosing pumps | Chlorine gas metering devices | Dry feeder | Measuring and control technology | Centrifugal pumps

Application range:

Water treatment | Waste water treatment/ Sewage plants | Municipal indoor and open air pools | Private pools | Chemical industry | Electroplating | Surface treatment | Paint and Laquer | Ceramics | Paper and Pulp | Construction of industrial piping

Lutz Pumpen GmbH

Headquarters: Germany |

Product range:

Drum and container pumps | Container Pumps | Eccentric screw pumps | Flow meter systems | Double diaphragm pumps | Centrifugal pumps

Application areas:

Chemical industry and chemical trade | Electroplating / Surface treatment | Paint and lacquer | Foodstuffs | Paper and Pulp | Automotive industry | Metal processing / Machine industry | Mining, Iron and Steel industry | Electrical industry | Plant engineering

Lutz Packaging GmbH

Headquarters: Germany|

Product range:

Ampoules | Vails | Aroma tubes | Packaging solutions

Application areas:

Primary packaging made of tubular glass for pharmaceutical, biological, cosmetical and technical substances.

MTE Motors and Tools Engineering SA

Headquarters: Switzerland

Product range & Application areas:

Universal electric motors up to 1,5 kW | Special electric motors | Motor components | Rotors / Stators. Wherever universal motors are required

Engineering & Job order production:

Development of electric motors and motor components according to individual specifications. Production of motor components and special motors including assembly.